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Investment visa opportunity

The EB-5 program, managed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides an excellent opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to invest in a business in America and get a chance at green cards for themselves and their immediate families. Here are some of the basic requirements of the EB-5 and the program’s advantages.

Investment and Management

The investment level for the EB-5 is one million dollars, with the level reduced to 500,000 if the business is in a targeted employment area. Targeted employment areas are defined as:

• A locality with an unemployment rate that is 150 percent or more of the national average

• A rural area with a population lower than 20,000

The immigrant investor must manage the enterprise either through direct daily involvement or as a developer of company protocol and practice.

Job Creation

Job preservation and creation from your investment and entrepreneurial skill are one of the requirements for successfully attaining permanent residency in the United States. The specifics are different, depending on, for example, you take over a troubled business or invest in and manage a new commercial enterprise. Consultation with an experienced immigration attorney will determine the specific requirements of your particular situation and assist with the completion of filing requirements.


Participation in the EB-5 program allows the investor and his immediate family to enter the United States with a conditional green card. After successfully participating in the program for two years:

• Investor, spouse, and children can qualify for permanent residency status

• Green card holders are on a path to citizenship

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